Cramp Wrap™

Cramp Wrap
  • Patent Pending design
  • Relief from cramps unlike any other product
  • Light weight, easy to apply
  • Long elastic band wraps around your body
  • Overlapping elastic in front provides counter pressure to relieve pain
  • Create firm or gentle pressure for your specific comfort needs
  • Soft fabric pocket sewn to inside of elastic band holds hot or cold packs
  • Place hot or cold packs at exact sites where pain relief needed
  • Hides discreetly under clothing
  • Allows you to keep active while pain is being relieved

Cramp Wrap™ will your hug your body. The overlapping elastic, which provides the counter pressure, can be placed in different locations, front, back, or sides, wherever your pain is most severe.

Two different types of hot/cold packs easily fit into Cramp Wrap™. Both packs will provide hot or cold therapy at the specific site(s) where you need pain relief.

Medibeads™ pack is a one inch thick 5” x 12” pack, provides a moist heat , wt. 16oz.
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Thermalon™ pack is a thin, lightweight pack 4 ½” x 12”, wt. 10oz.
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Cramp Wrap
Fabric Cover Choice Examples:
Beige Satin Floral PrintZebra Stripe in Pink/BrownZebra Stripe in Blue/BrownZebra Stripe in Green/BrownPink/Brown Paisley

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