Margo Maternity SupportTM /HotMomEaseTM
Our product is the same, but our name has changed.  Previously named Margo Maternity SupportTM/HotMomEaseTM is now HotMomEaseTM maternity support.  These testimonials are referring to the same great product.
When I was 34 weeks pregnant we vacationed in New York.  The first day we took taxis from site to site because I was sooooooo pregnant and not walking very well.  The next day, I wore my Margo Maternity Support and walked the streets of New York City feeling great! No more taxis, in fact, my family was begging me to slow down. 
Thank you for this product!   ~Marci~
The Margo Maternity Support helped me so much during my pregnancy.  I had issues with my sciatic nerve and horrible round ligament pain and the Margo Maternity Support is the only way I could continue with my normal routine until the day I delivered.  Thank you Margo Innovations.  ~Kate~
Margo Maternity Support was invaluable to me while pregnant.  Working 12 hour shifts as a labor and delivery nurse puts quite a strain on one's body, but Margo Matenity Support got me through my shifts.  I especially liked the pocket in the back.  I put in the cold pack in it to keep me cool on a hot Texas day.   ~Susan~
I cannot say enough good things about Margo Maternity Support and the Cramp Wrap. I was pregnant with twins and carried them to 38+2 days (term).  The Margo Maternity Support helped me so much with supporting my back as well as my lower abdomen.  I wore it all the time and it was awesome!!!!  I also suffer from painful menstrual cramps. I use the Cramp Wrap almost every month.  Sometimes I even wear it under my clothes so I can still function during the day and not have to stay in bed. I love both of these products and would highly recommend them to everyone.  ~Anita~
Cramp Wrap
I love my Cramp Wrap.  I used it a lot before pregnancy and way beyond pregnancy for back pain, shoulder pain, and during breast feeding.  Definitely worth it.  ~Janet~
When I left for college I took my Cramp Wrap with me.  When I woke up each month with cramps, I would heat up my hot pack, put on my Cramp Wrap, and head to class with my wrap hidden under my clothing.  Thank you for this product.  ~Beth~
I love my Cramp Wrap. It is my new best friend!   Thank you.  ~Becky~

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